Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Panel Place

Panel Place, Home of Paid Surveys is a website who connects its users to different corporations who releases free surveys and letting its members to join for free and serves its members free surveys where they'll get paid by completing. 

For aspiring Panel Place members, there are just easy ways to avail the surveys served by different corporations by easily registring a free legal Panel Place mambership in just easy five steps.
First, members should register their respective E-mails and country locations at http://www.panelplace.com/
Second, members should confirm their registration to their E-mail (commonly, messages from such sites are found at the junk and spam inboxes).
Third, after confirming your Panel Place account, you will be directly linked to your Panel Place account. There you should fill up and update your profile with accurate details. (Accurate details are needed to ensure that the surveys sent to you to answer is relevant to you.)
Fourth, after completing you updated Profile, you can now start seeing surveys available for you in the Panel Place image or the Panels tab in the menu bar. (Panel Place image will only appear after completing you Updated Profile.)
Last but not the least, just follow the instructions given to you in the Panels tab to manage your survey panels.

Now you have your own account, you are now able to accept and answer surveys which are then your main thought in the site. First thing to do is that you need to register your account on online Survey Panels that you like and complete the instructions given to complete the register. Now, you finished your registration on the online survey panels, you should now update your profile with the survey online panels you registered to have more chances of receiving their surveys. This update can also make you prioritized by the survey panels to answer their respective surveys. Now, the moment of truth, you can now answer surveys. Surveys from survey panels will be now pending in your account. The survey basic details such as length, title, etc. are provided. If you like to answer the survey, you will now respond to the survey by answering it and rewards will be given after you finished the survey. (Rewards may vary depending on your responses). Then, at last, you can now claim your rewards. Rewards are commonly in cash which you can be attained by using PayPal or cheque.

To avoid accuses of spam or scam, Panel Place is releasing some of its Payment Proofs which are featured on the site. Some of the Payment Proofs images are below:

Panel Place, to improve its number of members is occuring some Lucky Draws. In this, members are going to reffer their friends Panel Place and letting them to register. After registring, the refferrer and the reffered were now a legally included in the Lucky Draw (refferers may reffer more members, the more he/ she reffers and registered, the more chance of he/ she winning the Lucky Draw). Prizes for this is $100.00 cash for the refferer and can be claimed by cheque or Paypal while if the reffered won, $25.00 dollars will be given to the refferer as incentive. As of now, the due date of entries for joining the lucky draw is until June 30, 2012.

To share the sites good earnings, Panel Place is dedicated to help some organizations, schools, clubs, etc. to improve their organizations. Recent Panel Place sponsorship to some organizations are as follows:

February 8, 2012 - Sponsoring NTU Humanities and Social Sciences Club.
February 2, 2012 - Signing the Sponsor Agreement to NTU's students of Accountancy and Business Club.
January 17, 2012 - Sponsorship agreement with NUS's Students of Computing Club.
January 13, 2012 - Sponsorship Agreement with NTU School of Chemical & BioMedical Engineering Club.
January 12, 2012 - Signs Sponsorship NUS's Students of Arts and Social Sciences Club.
December 30, 2012 - Panel Place sponsors NUS's Students of Science Club for their fund raising activities.

Also, Panel Place also hosts a Career Expo. Last Career Expo was conducted at Suntec Convention, Singapore at March 23-25, 2012.

Registring link for Panel Place will be below:
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